Laurence van Seventer

Laurence following a long-standing desire to design and create industrial lighting through welding. Working in her The Hague-based studio, Laurence individually crafts chandeliers, lamps and other objects from sheet metal and recycled materials, such as bicycle chains, motorbike chains, car parts and other refuse she found trawling through steel, motorbike and car demolition companies, bicycle repair shops and storages throughout the country.

After a short stint of work experience in a metal factory, where she learnt the basics of welding and plasma cutting, she was ready to develop the new-found knowledge and start applying it to make her ideas come to life. No sooner was the first chandelier finished, a series of steel lamps followed as she explored endless possibilities this novel and innovative procedure brought about. As Laurence further developed her skills, she continued to produce a plethora of chandeliers, lamps and objects.

Like Laurence, her work is growing organically. One can never predict the final outcome of each of her compositions. She works intuitively and passionately which can be seen in the end product. The creativity and the constant learning process means one will not know in which direction it will move next. But one thing is for sure, it will be tough, graceful, pleasing to the eye and unique.